"Mount Hunter is a siren. Its seductive song captivated me the first time I heard it. I have thrown aside logic and maybe even reason to try to climb it. I am not alone on this bewitchment" Scott Backes

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I just spotted Matt with the binos in his bright orange outfit about 2 pitches above from where they spent the night in their porta-ledge. Their plan is to ascend about another 200meters today and set up camp before attempting this almight crack tomorrow....Planning on getting a plane in again for that... should be spectacular.

The weather has been absolutely fantastic sofar, blue skies and no wind, but the boys are climbing higher up and in the shade so could be a totally different story up there.... There are some light clouds rolling in with more clouds and more winds expected over the next few days.

Assuming of course my last super long blog update was successfull, otherwise this one would make little sense... had problems last night uploading as the signal kept dropping out. I have my informants, so if not, I will repost it.


Pic 1. Time-lapes action with tracking, panning and tilting.... wow... what you can do with a tent peg and a piece of string...:)

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