"Mount Hunter is a siren. Its seductive song captivated me the first time I heard it. I have thrown aside logic and maybe even reason to try to climb it. I am not alone on this bewitchment" Scott Backes

Monday, April 25, 2011

Peak Training Week

With just over one week now until we leave for Alaska training hits max intensity and volume! Matt has been hitting the hill running hard with 6 laps up to la Flegere per session, high volume PE (power endurance) bouldering, and 3 hours of circuit training per day. I've been out on my road bike doing more volume, plus better times on my regular TT route up to Col des Montets (although still a long way off my PB set a year ago when I was still doing ski alpinism racing), skinning, bouldering, dry tooling, running, and circuit training when my eight month old son Joshua is asleep!!
Today we had another session at la Balme (Arve Valley limestone) getting slicker at aid/big wall techniques- not our normal style but we are going prepared for all eventualities.

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